After you place your order, the first thing we do is prepare a "proof." A proof is a mock up of your job, usually prepared on a computer. We prefer to e-mail you the proof, but we can fax it or you can come in to our shop to view it. We ask you to review the proof very carefully, and then let us know if any changes or adjustments need to be made. If changes are required, we will make the change and send you a revised proof.

Once you approve the proof, we then set the type in metal (if you're using one of our foundry fonts), or we have the text and/or artwork converted into a magnesium engraving plate.

During this time, we will also order any paper, special inks, custom envelopes, etc., that may be required for the job.

Usually within 2 to 3 three weeks (depending on how busy we may be during the particular time of year), we will have received final approval on the proofs and will have obtained any materials needed to begin the job. At this point, we're ready to go, and will schedule the job to go on press.

We welcome (and even recommend) that you come in for a "press check," if at all possible. At the press check, you will be present for the printing of your job, and will be able to make any last minute adjustments that you see fit. For instance, you may want the Bella Red to look a little richer, or the Stray Cat Blue to have just a bit more punch. You may also want the pressure applied to your piece to be increased, or you may want to move your floral motif just a tad more to the left. These are examples of the kinds of adjustments that can be made at the press check. It's also a lot of fun and very cool to see your wedding invitation or baby announcement (or other work) created before your very eyes.