Since 1968, Aardvark Letterpress has been providing rich and elegant letterpress printing for wedding invitations, baby announcements, holiday cards, business stationery, and much, much more.

Under the direction of master printer and designer, Brooks Ocon, Aardvark has transformed the concept of the industrial print shop into a custom studio where all ideas are actualities. With an uncanny sense of design and a discerning eye for typestyle and color, Brooks and his staff effortlessly create Southern California's most beautiful and memorable wedding stationery, birth announcements, business stationery, and all other printed materials.

Aardvark's printing philosophy is simple: "With a little bit of patience, and a whole lot of imagination, anything is possible." It is this thought that places Aardvark Letterpress at the top of the list of custom printers. Aardvark caters to all tastes and styles, from traditional and classic to modern and whimsical. Our method is understandable and easy-we help you choose a paper, a typestyle, a color and layout. The rest is left to us. In addition, Brooks has assembled several of Los Angeles' top designers who are always on hand to lend assistance or to create unique and original designs.

Aardvark designs have quickly crossed the mountains of California, and can be seen around the globe. So, the next time you caress soft paper with luscious ink gently imbedded in its fiber, and your eyes are carried across subtle font intricacies and delicate color choices, ask yourself-Is it Aardvark?

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Phone: (213) 388-2271 FAX: (213) 388-6007